Gay Games VII: Water polo roundup

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith
We’re still not sure why water polo isn’t one of the most popular sports at the Gay Games. After all, the sport combines all of the ingredients that the gay spectators here generally love—grueling battle on a fast-paced field, impressive skill level, lightning-quick throws, and basketball-like rushes for the goal—not to mention buff men in small Speedos.

Regardless of the small crowds watching, here at Gay Games VII the competition is very tough and very fun to watch—while the West Hollywood team continues its domination streak, other teams like the San Francisco Tsunami are playing strong games and hope to pull out a win against WeHo.

RealJock spent Tuesday afternoon of the Gay Games watching water polo matches between Toronto’s Triggerfish and San Francisco’s Tsunami (SF dominated but Toronto, missing some of its top players who are saving their stuff for the Outgames in Montreal, put up a good fight), then WeHo versus New York (WeHo did its usual crush job against the poor Big Applers).

A total of 15 teams have brought out their A and B teams for the co-ed competition, which runs through Thursday. After the games, we sat down with Christi Bardecki, former National player for Canada and coach of the Toronto Triggerfish; and Lex Georgiou and Scott Pegg, co-coaches of the San Francisco Tsunami Gay Games team; to learn more about water polo, the competition, and what they think of the Games so far. Check out our exclusive interviews, then browse through the best of the competitive pics from both matches.