Gay Games VII: The men of swimming

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith
As it does at the Olympics, swimming makes a big splash at the Gay Games. With dozens of individual and team medley events to choose from, and age ranges well past the average age of retirement, the sport attracts numerous participants from all over the globe. Spectators love the drama of the starting blocks and the beautiful bodies in motion, and the split-second finishes always provide for gasp-inducing entertainment.

RealJock had a chance to stand poolside and watch as Chicago Gay Games participants prepped and raced. Competitors seemed intent and serious, but we witnessed some good old-fashioned fun being had and a lot of inter-team camaraderie. On the following pages, check out our photos of the men of swimming and see the race results of some of the more popular men’s events.

RealJock wishes to dedicate these pages to 81-year-old Phillip Johnson. Anyone who gets out there in his eighties and competes in these events is a real jock in our book. Go Phillip!