Pink tide: Gay Games Pink Flamingo party

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith
Just a couple of hours earlier, the West Hollywood Aquatics and Salt Lake City QUAC water polo teams had battled it out for the gold in what was arguably the roughest, toughest, dirtiest water polo match of the Games (in the end, favored team WeHo beat the QUAC 11-9, making it WeHo’s toughest match of the tournament).

And two hours later, in that same pool where muscled manly men beat the crap out of each other and threw the ball at the goalie like Zeus threw lightning, we watched other manly men in really bad mermaid drag splashing around the pool like so many femme-so-not-fatales.

What could this be? A game of dress-up at the babysitters? A high school talent contest gone awry? The set of a new off-off-off Broadway play starring Lady Bunny and Megan Mullaly? No, it was 20th anniversary of the Pink Flamingo party, a historic tradition at Gay Games put on every four years by the international gay and lesbian aquatics association. This year, the Pink Flamingo included three parts: a synchronized swimming competition, a diving exhibition featuring talent like the excellent diver in the pic above, and the swim team drag talent show.

RealJock was there, sweating in the humidity to bring you the gory details. Check out the pics of the event, and follow along as we describe each and every drag event in vivid detail (kidding!).