Pink tide: Gay Games Pink Flamingo party

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith
Following the diving exhibitions came the “talent” portion of the evening, in which various swim teams from the week’s events did some drag numbers that included a lot of fake boobs and a lot of splashing in the pool. For the most part, the quality level was pretty bad in an amusing, oh-no-here-comes-another-train-wreck way, which we found reassuring because it meant that the teams had been focusing more on their sporting events than on this little get-together.

Here’s a photo of our MC for the evening, a rather blunt and manly drag queen named Bella DeBall who was filling in for Mr. Leather Chicago. To best understand the effect, think one word: Maude. Bella’s sidekick Chris (in the bathing cap) followed her around in a little white towel, looking adorable.