Gay Games VII: Competition final results

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith
Gay Games competition wound down on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with some close final games between some tough gay competitors (and a few straight ones who don’t mind play with us). We love watching sports in general, so watching our gay sports-loving brethren kick, throw, run, and score their way to gold really got us going. Want to know who won? On the following pages we highlight the final results from some of the best and brightest of the Gay Games VII competitions that we had the opportunity to attend. To view all Gay Games VII results as they are announced, go to the Gay Games Chicago official results page. Organizers will continue to update as results come in. Or to view links to sports results organized by sport, click on the link to page 7 of this article above.

RealJock witnessed spectacular play all week, but have to give the match of the week to the SF Rock Dogs basketball players, who won their semifinal match against Chicago SoFo (58-40) before going on to fulfill their coach’s prophecy by winning the gold. In the finals the Rock Dogs beat the New York Warriors 48-33. Congratulations to DeMarco and the gang, as well to the other basketball teams. Who needs the NCAA when we have competition like Gay Games basketball to watch?