Gay Games VII: Faces of the Games

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith
Despite some criticisms and sniveling from the press about logistical issues, distance between sports venue, and the heat, Gay Games VII Chicago succeeded at its most important mission: bringing together some 12,000 athletes to celebrate the spirit and pride of competition and sport among a community of gay and gay-friendly individuals.

It was also a ton of fun. RealJock had a blast at the Gay Games, and so did most of the other people we spoke with.

With that in mind, to conclude our coverage of Gay Games VII, we interviewed some Gay Games athletes to find out what brought them to the Gay Games, how they felt about the competition, and where they'll go next. On the following pages, read interviews with these awesome and inspirational competitors. Some are medal-winning stars, others everyday athletes, but each one made us proud to be a part of the Gay Games and a member of this big, crazy (in a good way) gay community.