Montreal OutGames: Opening ceremonies

Photo Credit: Andrew Delaware
Athletes make their way to Montreal's landmark Olympic Stadium for the Montreal 2006 opening ceremonies.

Joyous, celebratory, and magnificent, the opening ceremonies were a huge success. Balancing brief mention of the political climate for gays and lesbians in sport with an action packed evening of high energy entertainment, this opening was truly festive for the 12,000 athletes and more than 40,000 spectators in attendance.

Our Opening Ceremonies slideshow has a primary emphasis on the athletes who arrived at the OutGames despite all odds. It is easy for the North American and European contingents to forget how difficult it is for athletes from certain countries to participate in events of this kind - for financial and even political reasons. Many more athletes are in the homelands, dreaming of the day when it will be possible for them, too, to participate in an event such as Montreal 2006. We at RealJock wish that their dreams will come true.