World OutGames: Beach Volleyball

Photo Credit: Andrew Delaware
OutGames volunteers prepare the court for what is often referred to in marketing as "the hottest game on earth." And hot it is under the strong midday sun, the sweat was glistening off the bodies of the men playing beach volleyball at the well-equipt Parc Jean-Talon on Ile Sainte-Helene. RealJock was there to catch a glimpse of the athletic men who play this challenging game and to speak with the athletes about their experiences here.

Whereas one often thinks of 2s (two men per side) when they think of beach volleyball, the 4s game is popular at the local and league levels. The OutGames provided competition for both 2s and 4s. We caught the 4s competition. Whereas the 2s game relies on power and the quick point, the 4s game requires strategy and patience. The rallies are longer, making for a crowd-pleasing game!