World OutGames: Rowing

Photo Credit: Andrew Delaware
Sunday could not have been a more perfect day to be at Montreal's Olympic rowing basin to watch the OutGames rowing regatta. Situated on picturesque Ile Sainte-Helene in the middle of the St. Lawrence river, the island is home to many athletic facilities.

With comfortable summer temperatures and a light breeze to keep the athletes cool, we expected nothing but hot performances from the handsome crews on the water. They delivered much to the delight of the attentive and enthusiastic crowd. How can you not be enthusiastic about a sport where nicely toned men wear tight lycra rowing suits? Where men are given orders by a cocky coxswain? Mmm. Rowing primarily draws lean, nicely muscled athletes. It's an excellent full body workout.

There are two forms of rowing: sweep-oar rowing and sculling. In sweep-oar rowing, each rower has only one oar and holds it with both hands. Sculling, meanwhile, requires the dexterity and synchronicity to keep two oars (one in each hand) moving in simultaneous rhythm. Crew teams are one, two, four and eight men.

Above, Sydney's Glebe Rowing Club leisurely rows their way toward the starting line in preparation for their upcoming coxed four-man race.