World OutGames: Figure Skating

Photo Credit: Andrew Delaware
Hailing from Fredericton, New Brunswick, 57-year-old David Warman learned to skate at the tender age of 45. We asked David a few questions about his newfound passion in his golden years.

You just gave a beautiful performance. I am sure you have been preparing for some time. Tell me what you did to get ready for the OutGames.
Going back a few years, I had never skated as a youngster. When I turned 45, I started thinking of things that I hadn't done in my life. And one of them was to learn how to skate. So I took up skating, figure skating! I've been at it now for 11 years. The third year I competed I placed 4th out of seven competitors, which was a shock to me.

I have two coaches, one more technical, the other for choreography. I skate about 8 hours a week. I must say I am addicted to the sport. Totally addicted.

As you led up to the competition, what sort of training did you do to get yourself into peak performance mode?
Mental relaxation has been a big part of it. I have never been so calm at a competition as this one. This is our off season, so I had only been on the ice three times before coming here. Our spring skate ends in May. I do a lot of stretching, yoga and I eat well.

What was the highlight for you on the ice, in that performance?
On the ice, hearing people cheer when I did an element that pleased them was rewarding to me and kept me going. The camel spin down into a six spin has been the hardest for me to accomplish. It still needs work, but it is improving, and I was proud to include it. I am feeling comfortable with the jumps. I have a bit of difficulty with the loop jump, but it was OK today. But the highlight for me may have even been prior to the performance, knowing that I am representing my country. That was very special to me.