World OutGames: Figure Skating

Photo Credit: Montreal 2006 (OSA)
Judges reveal their scores to the competitor and to the audience. Technical marks are revealed first; artistic impression announced second. We spoke with the judges to get a better sense of what specifically they look for during a performance and how this translates into the scores.

What specifically is it that you are looking for at this level of competition?
Patty Cline (Montreal): Technically we look at jumps and spins, and the interconnecting steps. In terms of presentation, we look at the interpretation of the music, and the expression of the character of the music.

At this level of competition, some of these jumps are very difficult for these athletes. What is it that you are watching for in order to give them the points that they are working so hard for?
Robert Hatfield (Toronto, Canada): We're looking to see if the jump is cleanly landed, or as close as possible to a clean landing. Also, the speed going into the jump gives the skater an advantage and a higher mark overall. Landing on one foot, landing clean, checking out of the landing, and getting the full rotation, of course.

For a new skater who is just getting started in the sport, what's the most important thing for them to do in order to get as high marks as they can?
Walter Toigo (Milan, Italy): To use the edge of the blade when skating. If you are on the flat of the blade, you don't get the power and it's not correct. You need to be on one edge or the other.