World OutGames: Figure Skating

Photo Credit: Andrew Delaware
Belgian skater Kurt Dantriche, 31, does the splits to finish his routine, sporting an ABBA-esque outfit and skating to an ABBA medley. We took a few moments after he cooled down from heating up the crowd to speak with Kurt about his routine and his love of this sport.

How do you feel after such a fun performance?
I feel super. It's my mother's birthday, she passed away four years ago, so this was very special for me.

You chose ABBA for your performance.
I am a big fan of ABBA. It has always been my music, from when I was young in Belgium.

What training did you do to prepare for the OutGames?
I've been skating with a very good coach in Antwerp. And I teach children figure skating. My job is my life and my hobby. I am very lucky.