Survival of the butchest: A gay man's Alaskan migration

Photo Credit: Clark Harding
Basically, science, like society, believes there is truth in stereotypes. But by exploring homosexuality in 450 different vertebrate species, Roughgarden uncovers that homosexuality is not an outlier in the animal kingdom but a common thread. Her favorite example is Big Horn Sheep. They live in homosexual societies. Although the rams copulate with the ewes once a year during rutting season, the rest of the time they engage exclusively in gay sex. This includes ejaculation from anal intercourse.

Interestingly, though, the few rams who refrain from partaking are outcast to live with the ewes and deemed "effeminate." Gay sheep who belittle other sheep for not being masculine? Oh girl! Since when did nature emulate West Hollywood? My mind started to race as I peered through my binoculars back at The Dalls, secretly wondering if they had the same habits as their Big Horned counterparts.