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Photo Credit: courtesy of David Rich
Losing Fat is Easy

Forget all those fads diets and new weight loss secret books, you see I’ll teach you how you can lose the maximum amount of fat in just a few sentences. Cut out dairy, white flour (bread) and corn from your diet. The reason is simple. There are certain foods our bodies are made to eat, then there are the foods are bodies were not made to eat. A cow's milk is for a calf not a human. Corn is a grain that’s meant to fatten a calf not you (corn syrup is even worse). White flours clog your system and add excess, useless calories to your diet. All three of these foods are hard for your body to break down and clog your system. Many people are allergic to them and don’t know it. They make you fat.

Follow a solid workout plan and cut out those three foods, I guarantee you’ll make better progress than anyone following the latest fat loss craze.

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