Manly Men: SF's Fog Rugby Team

Photo Credit: Sean Gustilo
Do people join just to find dates?

It's interesting—every fall we have a big recruiting drive, and go to a lot of events in the gay community to recruit, and there will always be a couple of guys who come to flirt rather than to play. But they don't end up staying around too long because it's a rough sport—you could end up getting pretty beaten up, and you learn pretty fast that if you're not there for real, you're not going to want to do it.

A lot of guys find rugby players really hot. What is the attraction?

Honestly, part of the reason I started playing was that I thought the guys were hot. I thought the uniforms were hot. I thought, These guys have these great legs in these shorts. They've got these great bodies and they're really tough, you know? It's not football or basketball, where there are a lot of prima donnas. Rugby is a real team sport, and you have to play on the team, and there's also sort of a gentlemanly thing about it. I think anybody who's interested in masculinity is attracted to rugby players.