The Big Gay Wilderness

Photo Credit: courtesty of Mike Boisvert
Back in the Dark Ages of gay culture, you'd hear the words "gay" and "outdoors" in the same breath and immediately think: "Sex in the bushes." Well, those days are goneā€”or almost, according to Mike Boisvert, founder of, a site that provides outdoor trip information and connects gay outdoor enthusiasts with each other. "If I hadn't purchased the domain names "" and "" I'm sure they would be porn sites by now," he laughs.

The New Hampshire resident goes on to say that "this type of perception feeds the notion that gay folks are undesirable people who prey on others for sex and do it in the bushes because there's no other place to go." Mike hopes that his organization is changing that perception, and that the words "gay outdoors" will someday represent active, outdoors-minded folks who pursue an adventurous lifestyle.

In an interview with RealJock, the avid outdoorsman talks about the adventures we can expect to find, who we can expect to meet, and why a gay outdoors club is so necessary.