Gay Photographer Interview Series: Nicolas Smith

Photo Credit: Walter Kurtz
In our new series of photo interviews with gay jock photographers, RealJock has brought you the jock boys-next-door of Steven Underhill and the red, hot and gay images of Tom Bianchi. In this third installment of our interview series, RealJock looked into our own backyard, talking to upcoming photographer Nicolas Smith, the man who shoots many of the images we use on the RealJock site.

You may have seen Smith on the RealJock site under the member name SFNicolas. He's been on the site since the beginning, and—lucky dog—he's one of our most frequently hot listed members. As this opening photo of him by New York photographer Walter Kurtz shows, he's certainly got the looks for hot listing; but more important, we feel, he's an approachable, genuinely nice guy who people feel comfortable talking with.

Smith is known around town for leading hiking and camping tours of groups of gay guys up into the wilds of Northern California parks like Yosemite. A true RealJock in every sense of the word, he has been known to spend up to a week camping in a snow cave he dug himself, always with a camera in hand, ready to capture the world around him.

Smith started out photographing the beautiful landscapes he loves to escape to. More recently, he has turned to that other beautiful art form—human beings.

RealJock sat down with Smith to talk about his work, where he chooses his models, and how he got over his initial awkwardness of shooting the human form.