A Core Holiday Abs Program

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith
By L.K. Regan

The holidays can ruin even the best-planned exercise regimen. You think you're sticking to your five-times-per-week program, but mountains of food, no free time, and tons of travel conspire against you so that by early January you find yourself looking down with sadness at your not-so-flat mid-section.

Don't despair. You can keep your abs tight and flat through the holidays, while still having a gay old time. RealJock asked Wanda McCormick, an NPTI-certified personal trainer and nutritional consultant, and the owner of Perfect Fit Personal Training in Frankfort, Illinois, to give us a program of five exercises guaranteed to keep your core in gear. (Side note to sexists: Yes, Wanda is a woman—but she's also a former police officer who could probably rip you limb from limb, so listen up!).

Read on for five great exercises to keep your core strong anytime, anywhere, without any equipment except yourself and a hard flat surface. You can do these exercises every other day, or, if you're already in great shape with a strong core, on back-to-back days throughout the week.

Some Notes on the Program
For an advanced workout, do three sets of 15 repetitions for all five exercises. For an intermediate workout, pick three of the exercises each day and do four sets of 12 repetitions, rotating the exercises daily. And remember, it's OK to cry in between sets. We did.

The Exercises
Oblique Push-Up
Leg Row
Alphabet Abs
On All Fours
Rope Climb