Big Powder: The Gay Skiing Movement Take Off

Photo Credit: Richard Mitchell
Thirty years ago, the notion of a gay ski club or gay ski week would have seemed pretty unlikely to most gay people, let alone the straight world around them. After all, gay liberation was in its relative infancy, and while gay men and lesbians were starting to congregate and live out and proud lives in the big cities, they were for the most part still marginalized in the "gay ghettos" of society. Sure, small groups of gays and lesbians had informal ski clubs, but their numbers were small and not formally organized or well known in the community.

But it was actually 30 years ago this coming ski season that Aspen Gay Ski Week, the oldest gay ski week in the country, was founded by a group of gay guys who thought it would be fun to bring gay people together who like to ski. This coming year, as Aspen Gay Ski Week celebrates its 30th anniversary from January 14 through 21, 2007, it expects to draw more than 4,000 attendees and bring many millions of gay tourist dollars into the city of Aspen.

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