Big Powder: The Gay Skiing Movement Take Off

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ski Bums
Above, some Ski Bums members pose for the camera.

Bunnies and Old Goats Welcome
New to skiing? Don't think all of the queers on the slopes are double diamond experts. The groups we spoke to all actively encourage newbies to join their group, and plan training sessions with more-experienced skiers.

Ski Bums and OutRyders both kick the year off with bunny-training sessions that allow new skiers and snowboarders a chance to get comfortable on the slopes.

And don't think you're too old to join a gay ski club either. Like almost every GLBT sports club or team, the gay ski clubs and weeks stress that they welcome people of every age and ability level.

French says one of Ski Bum's biggest social goals is to help erase the difficult cultural gaps between younger and older queers. "We're trying to erase this generational divide that happens in gay culture, where young people and middle-aged people and older people can all come together and have a good time."

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