The Beauty of People: The Photography of Lewis Payton

Photo Credit: Lewis Payton
Even if you haven't heard of Lewis Payton, you've probably seen his work. A rising star in the photography world, Payton has become well known in the gay community and beyond for his photo spreads of gorgeous models in the popular Aussie gay magazine DNA, as well as his photographs of perfect-but-approachable men like those who appear in his first book 10.

Payton, 35, has a bio that would induce jealousy in just about anyone with a creative streak. Born and raised in Australia, he has traveled, lived, and worked all over the world, balancing successful stints in corporate advertising and photography with shooting documentary films about humanitarian subjects and working for Amnesty International.

These days Payton lives in Los Angeles, where he's keeping busy photographing celebrities like Hayden Christiansen and Edward Speleers (the young lead in Eragon) while working on his next two art books. RealJock sat down with Payton to learn more about his history, his work, and where he's going from here. Check it out.

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