One Big Ball, One Fine Butt: Stability Ball Glutes Exercises

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith
Stability Ball Leg Raises
Start face down with the stability ball under your stomach and hips. Your hands should be on the floor directly under your shoulders and your legs should be extended behind you with your toes on the floor and feet wide. Slowly bring both legs up until they are level with your back, bringing the feet together as you raise them. Hold for a moment and lower back down, coming to rest with feet wide again.

Teeter-Totter Advanced Variation
For a more difficult version of this exercise, begin in same starting position, but with your feet together on the floor. Raise your legs behind you, and simultaneously lower your upper body toward the floor by bending your elbows and keeping your back flat. Your legs will come above a parallel line with the floor. At the end of the motion, your legs will be in the air above and behind you and your chin will be near the floor, with your hands still under your shoulders, and your back will be flat.

The Exercises
  1. Stability Ball Hip Raises
  2. Stability Ball Leg Raises
  3. Stability Ball Lunges
  4. Stability Ball Wall Sits