One Big Ball, One Fine Butt: Stability Ball Glutes Exercises

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith
Stability Ball Lunges
Place the stability ball behind you on the floor. Reach back with one foot and rest that foot upside-down on the ball. Your toe should be over the center of the ball and the ball well behind you. Remaining upright through your torso, bend your front knee to lower into a lunge. Do not push forward through the front knee—think of sinking down through the back thigh. Your front knee should not come ahead of your front toe; if it does, you need to move the stability ball further back behind you. From the bottom of the lunge, reverse direction and return to the starting position. To complete one set, do 10 repetitions with one leg on the ball, then switch legs and repeat with the other leg.

The Exercises
  1. Stability Ball Hip Raises
  2. Stability Ball Leg Raises
  3. Stability Ball Lunges
  4. Stability Ball Wall Sits