A Rubberband You? A Post-Workout Stretch Program

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith
by Giovanni Ortiz

Ever wish you could still bend over backwards like you did when you were a kid? That's not such a far-off dream. While sports docs continue to debate whether or not stretching before exercise actually prevents injury, most everyone agrees that stretching is generally good for you, reducing overall body stiffness, ridding the muscles of lactic acid after a strenuous workout, and making your body more limber so that you can train longer and with more ease, comfort, and agility.

That said, who has the time to stretch? You do! By adding only a half hour of stretching two or three times per week to your workout routine, you can greatly increase your flexibility, improve your sports performance, develop better posture, and even reduce stress and anxiety.

To help turn you back into that pretzel of your youth, we’ve developed a full-body stretch routine sure to make you more limber. Our stretch routine draws from a variety of sources, including yoga, Pilates, and AIS—Active Isolated Stretch—a program created by Jim and Phil Wharton and now used by many major sports teams. For AIS stretches, you will use a stretch band or a gym towel as you contract the muscle to be stretched, so have one of those handy when you begin.

Notes on the Program
These exercises have been modified to flow from one stretch to another using fewer reps than if you did them individually. For maximum benefit, do the entire stretch routine at all once following a strenuous workout.

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