Gay Team Spotlight: San Diego Bulldogs

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the San Diego Bulldogs
By Randy Meyers

For those not in the know, it may seem like a bit of a titillating fantasy. A bunch of buff, sweaty guys clad only in form-fitting singlets, grabbing at each other and rolling around on slick mats in a battle for dominance. Well, check your fantasy at the door, because freestyle wrestling is serious sport.

Just ask the wrestlers on the San Diego Bulldogs, one of several predominantly gay wrestling teams in the U.S. While the sport requires numerous hours spent in intimate contact with other men, the only steam it generates is the stink of intense effort.

"It really is not a sexy sport," said 21-year-old Kevin Ho, a relative newbie to the Bulldogs team. "It's kind of sweaty and gross. The mat smells like rubber and you're all sweaty."

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