Cable Exercises a la Carte

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith

Supinated Tricep Extensions
Set the cable on the highest setting, and attach a bar to it. Stand facing the machine and grasp the bar in both hands, with palms facing downward. Keep your upper arm at your side, elbows pulled in toward your rib cage and just slightly in front of you (rather than dug into your sides). Keeping your elbows down, let your hands come up in front of you toward your chest. Engaging your center, and without leaning forward, press down with both hands until your arms are extended downward and the bar is in front of your pelvis. Your elbows should stay still throughout; they open and close, but do not swing away from your body. Repeat for a set of 12 extensions.

Overhead Tricep Extension
Attach a double handle or double rope attachment to a cable on the lowest setting. Grasp one handle or rope in each hand and bring your arms overhead as you turn your back to the machine, such that you wind up facing away from the machine, with your upper arm pointing vertically toward the ceiling and your forearms bent behind your head and neck, reaching down toward the cable. Your palms should face each other. Now, stagger your feet, bringing one in front of the other. Incline your chest forward as you bring your upper arms somewhat forward. Your hands will now be over your head. You should have your upper arm parallel to the floor. Your upper body should as nearly as possible form a line perpendicular to the line of the cable. From this strength position, and keeping your upper arms from moving, bring your hands forward until your arm is extended straight in front of you, parallel to the floor; then bend your elbows to let your hands come back overhead. Repeat for a set of 10.

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