Cable Exercises a la Carte

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith

Reverse Unilateral Fly
Attach a handle to a cable on the lowest setting and stand with your body perpendicular to the direction of the cable. Bend your knees and sit back through your hips to stabilize your lower body, and incline your upper body forward until it is nearly parallel with the floor. Throughout this exercise, keep your head up despite your inclined upper body. Put the hand nearer to the cable machine behind your back or hip to keep it out of the way, and let it rest there. With the hand further from the machine, grasp the cable handle with your arm extended, reaching across under your body. Your palm will be facing upward. In a single fluid motion, keep your arm extended as you bring the hand with the cable across underneath you and straight out to the side. Press your chest out as you lift. Raise your arms only as high as the level of your back, and then lower back down to the starting position in a controlled motion. When the weight plates nearly touch, begin another fly press, and repeat for a set of 10. Then, turn around to switch sides, once again grasping the cable with the hand further from the machine, and do 10 repetitions on the other side.

Bent Over Row
Attach a parallel grip bar to the cable at the lowest setting. If you don't have access to a parallel grip bar, a straight bar will also work. Grasp the bar in both hands, with palms facing for the parallel bar, or palms upward with a straight bar. Sit back through your hips in a modified squat, pressing your weight into your heels and inclining your chest forward as you keep your back flat and abs engaged. Your arms will be extended in front of you in a straight line with the cable. Keeping your head up, your back flat, and your chest out, pull both elbows back behind you, contracting your shoulder blades together as you pull. Press down following the same trajectory, without quite letting the weight plates touch, and then immediately repeat for a set of 10 rows.

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