Cable Exercises a la Carte

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith

Preacher Curl
Attach a bar to the low setting on the cable machine, and place a preacher bench facing the machine, with the center of the bench lined up with the cable's point of origin. Sit on the bench with your arms extended over the front, and grasp the bar with both hands, palms facing upward. Stabilizing your upper arm against the bench, and allowing no movement elsewhere in your body, bend your elbows to curl both hands simultaneously up toward your shoulders. Continue to curl for a set of 10, without letting the weight plates touch between repetitions.

Standing High Curl
Attach a bar to a cable machine on a high setting, one at shoulder level or above. Stand facing the machine and grasp the bar in both hands, with your palms upward. Your upper arm will at all times be parallel to the floor for this exercise. If your cable machine only has a very high setting, walk backwards holding the cable straight out at shoulder level until you have a less severe angle in the cable, and can comfortably maintain a position with your arm extended straight forward at shoulder level. Bend your knees slightly to stabilize your lower body and engage your center; then bend your elbows, bringing your hands straight back toward your shoulders. Your upper arm should remain perfectly steady, parallel with the floor and pointing directly forward from your shoulders. Carefully control the outward movement of your hands on the return phase, lowering them back to the extended position, with palms facing up. Do not let the weight plates touch as you repeat for 10 repetitions.

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