Cable Exercises a la Carte

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith

Cable Lunge
Attach a straight bar to the cable at the lowest setting and grasp the bar with both hands, palms facing downward and arms extended in a straight line with the cable. Step back such that the weight plates come up to the top. Step forward with your right foot in a lunge, without letting your front knee come ahead of your toes. Drop down through your back thigh, lowering your knee toward the floor. From the bottom of your lunge, and keeping your arms extended in front of you, step back to the starting position, using your glutes and quads to bring your legs together, and making sure not to twist. Then step into a lunge with your left foot leading, and come back the same way. Continue to alternate for 10 lunges on each side.

Hip Extension
Attach an ankle strap to the cable at the lowest setting and place a flat bench just to the left of the pulley on the cable machine, so that the cable, when pulled, will come along the right side of the bench. Attach the ankle strap around your right ankle and kneel on the bench with your left knee, facing the cable machine. Put your hands on the bench and make your back flat, so that you are on your hands and left knee on the bench, with your right foot on the floor and attached to the cable. Keeping your right leg straight, raise it directly back behind you without changing any other part of your body position, and especially without arching your back. Raise your leg no higher than level with your back, and then lower it straight down, until the weight plates nearly touch; then repeat for a set of 10 before moving the bench to the right of the pulley, and switching the ankle strap to the other leg for a set of 10 with the left leg.

Hamstring Curl
Attach an ankle strap to the cable at the lowest setting, and put the strap around your right ankle. Stand upright facing the machine, lightly holding the handle bars for balance as needed. Keeping your right foot flexed, bend your knee to bring your heel up behind you toward your buttocks. Do not lean forward with your upper body, and don't let your thigh swing front or back as you contract—the only part of your body permitted to move is your lower leg. Lower down until the weight plates nearly touch, and repeat for a set of 10 before switching the ankle strap to the left leg for a set of 10 hamstring curls on the left.

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