Scenes from AIDS/LifeCycle 6

Photo Credit: RealJock Staff
Last week, over 2300 cyclists took to their bikes and cycled 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in seven days, biking by day and sleeping in tents by night. Just what the heck were these crazy people thinking? Excellent question. They were participants in the AIDS/LifeCycle 6, the largest AIDS fundraiser in the world. As they pedaled, 500 roadie volunteers followed along in trucks, vans, and cars, keeping them hydrated, energized, showered, clothed, massaged, medicated (where necessary), and tented as they made their way down the coast of California.

They biked in the sun, in the fog, and particularly this year, in the wind. They biked morning, noon, and sometimes into night. They biked up big, endless hills, and down long, screaming slopes. They even got to enjoy a flat stretch now and again.

As they made their way down the coast, the riders did what they always do: They had a lot of fun; they felt a bit of pain; they created a great community; and most important, they raised a ton of much-needed money in the fight against AIDS and educated the people of California about this terrible disease.

RealJock was there on the ride. We were there last year for AIDS LifeCycle 5, and we'll be there again next year. When we weren't biking, eating, showering, or sh... (well, you get the idea), we took pictures. Check them out on the following pages. We hope you'll join us at AIDS LifeCycle 7!

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