Football Dreams: Get Ready for the Gay Super Bowl 7

Photo Credit: Brent Mullins
What are you doing the weekend of October 4 to 7? If you're on one of the gay football teams that keep sprouting up all over the U.S., chances are you're already planning to head to New York City to attend the biggest, gayest football event of the year—Gay Super Bowl 7, hosted this year by the New York Gay Football League.

The Gay Super Bowl 7 will be the largest tournament in the event's history, with 20 teams competing from 18 U.S. cities including Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Last year's winners, the New York Warriors, will be defending their title on their home turf against some stiff competition hoping to take them down.

Want to know more? Want to play ball? Want to just see some great photos (courtesy of of previous Gay Super Bowls? Then click through to the following pages celebrating this fast-growing gay sporting event. We love to see our gay brethren proving once again that—contrary to popular belief—gay men can throw a mean ball (not to mention catch, block, and tackle).

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