Football Dreams: Get Ready for the Gay Super Bowl 7

Photo Credit: Ross Forman
The Gay Super Bowl: A Brief History
Like most gay sporting events, the Gay Super Bowl got its start on a grassroots level. It all started back in 2000 when the Los Angeles Motion, Boston Brawlers, and San Francisco 69ers played a three-way tournament. LA won by....well... let's just say a lot. In 2001 the LA Motion dominated again in a four-way match, beating the Chicago Spin in the finals 54-24, with Atlanta and San Diego teams also participating.

In 2002, Cyd Ziegler and Jim Buzinski, co-founders of and serious team sports fanatics (if you don't believe they're fanatics, read their Jock Talk column) invited other teams to come to LA for a tournament. The next bigger event led to the next bigger event and the rest, as they say, is history.

"[The Gay Super Bowl has] gone from a lopsided three-team tournament in which one team (Los Angeles) simply dominated to an incredibly competitive, high-level tournament, the winner of which could compete in most any flag football league in the country," says Ziegler.

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