Football Dreams: Get Ready for the Gay Super Bowl 7

Photo Credit: Ross Forman
Gay Super Bowl 7: Good Times, Great Competition
Just because it's flag football doesn't mean it's not competitive. With competitors at every level from newbie to professional players, you can expect some great football play.

But who is going to win, we asked? Will the New York Warriors keep up their winning streak? Or will the Chicago Flames take their revenge for last year's loss to New York? What about Gay Super Bowl 6 third- and fourth-place finishers the Washington Monuments and the Los Angeles Motion, respectively? Ziegler wouldn't venture a guess (which to be fair, was rather professional of him since he also competes).

"There will be every level of play," says Ziegler. "Some teams won't be very good, and other teams will be competitive enough to play at the national level in many flag football leagues. One thing I'm really expecting is for there to be no "easy" teams to play this year. I think the biggest shift in the level of play hasn't necessarily been in the skill level but the knowledge of the game. Teams are smarter now, they run better offenses... To sum up, you can expect to see some damn good football."

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