• Diakadi Fitness Tips: How Much Cardio Should You Do?

    It's a common conundrum: Just how much cardio should you do? The short answer: It depends. Super trainer Billy Polson breaks it down.

  • Ode to Cross Country Skiing: Cold Temps, Hot Workouts

    Cross country skiing has been hailed as the best full-body cardio workout. Alaska native Clark Harding writes about the sport, training in the cold, and indoor alternatives.

  • Cardio Zone Training: Part 3 of 3—Speed

    We can't stress this enough: Train with your most important muscle—your heart! In part 3 of our 3-part series on zone training, learn to push your limits with speed training .

  • Cardio Zone Training: Part 2 of 3—Threshold

    What's the most important muscle you use when doing cardio training? Your heart. In part 2 of our 3-part series on zone training, learn how threshold training can boost your rockets.

  • Cardio Zone Training: Part 1 of 3—Endurance

    Cardio is cardio, right? Wrong. Learn how to use heart rate zone training to improve your strength, speed, and overall fitness using this three-part training program.

  • Cardio Boost Program: Building Strength with Cardio

    This intense interval-based cardio program won't just burn fat; it will help muscle builders achieve strength gains. Ready to sweat?

  • Long Stride Runs Across Floor

    For a long stride run, you'll take the biggest step you can with every stride, pushing off the floor into the air.

  • Four Lengths Progressively Faster Runs

    Find an open space for this fast-building leg set. Run forward and backward up and down the floor, accelerating on each lap.

  • Speed Jump Rope Running

    Jumping rope is a great cardio workout, but it also trains speed and agility. For this version, you'll jump in a fast standing running motion, lifting one leg at a time.

  • Exaggerated Skipping With High Knee Drive

    Use a classic skipping motion as a cardio blast by going for maximum height on each stride.

  • Knees High Jog Forward and Backward

    Football players train using this exercise, which gets your heart pumping as you work your quads and hip flexors.

  • Muscle-Busting Cardio Classes

    Want to build muscle strength while still giving your heart a great workout? Check out the latest and greatest in gym classes.

  • What is interval training?

    It's one of the cornerstones of seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong's training regimen. You don't have to be a superstar for it to work wonders for you, too.

  • JoeTraining Series: Jump, for your heart

    You can jump for joy, why can't you jump for your health? Superstar trainer Steve Lischin says you can.

  • Bootcamp: Take it like a man

    No pain, no gain is back in a big way, soldier. Get down in the trenches and get your butt in shape with a bootcamp workout.

  • Spinning vs. stationary biking

    "Before the class was over, my quads were blown and I was seeing stars," says world-class cyclist Chris Kostman. Find out why spinning kicks the wheels out from under its distant cousin, the stationary bike.

  • Build a better body by hiking

    Indoor cardio got you down? Build a better body and have a lot more fun doing it with this eight-week hiking training program.

  • Get the cross-training edge

    Competitive athletes use cross-training to improve their edge in specialized athletic disciplines. Find out how to incorporate it properly into your own workout regimen.

  • Take the plunge into aquatic fitness

    Triple Ironman champion and out gay athlete Christopher Bergland answers the question: What's so great about swimming?

  • Introductory ergonometry

    Countless studies have shown that the sport of rowing is one of the best total body workouts around. Expert college rowing coach Topher Bordeau shows you the proper form for an intense rowing workout on the ergometer (aka rowing machine).

  • Great gym cardio workouts

    Cardio workouts at the gym don't have to be boring or bad. Ultramarathon champion Christopher Bergland offers advice for creating kick-ass indoor cardio workouts.

  • Keep your muscles while stengthening your heart

    Many guys shy away from excessive cardio because they worry it will slim down their muscles. Learn how to strengthen your muscles and your heart without compromise.

  • Kickboxing rocks

    Kickboxing isn't just a great workout for strength training, cardio, and muscle coordination. It also gives your self-esteem a major kick in the pants. Learn all about this fast-action sport and how to get involved.

  • Run with a buddy

    Endurance running doesn't have to be a lonely sport. Find out why training with a partner will make you faster, stronger, and more likely to set a personal record.

  • Build up to a marathon

    Does the thought of running your first marathon fill you with excitement—and dread? Well fear not. Running champion Christopher Bergland shows you how to train for a marathon, one step at a time.