• Strength Train to Recover From (and Prevent) Injury

    Significantly reduce your injury recovery time (or never get injured in the first place) by adding these simple exercises to your workout routine.

  • Speed up the healing process with sports medicine

    As basically an injury riddled athlete, it was my good fortune to meet up with the one of the best sports medicine practitioners ever, Dr. Taylor Rabbetz.

  • Be sweet to your feet

    Let’s face it. You take your feet for granted. You pound them on the pavement, smash them into your pedals and squish them into cute shoes. And you don’t give them a second thought until something goes wrong, like a blister, a hangnail or a hotspot.

  • Cable Side Rotators

    In strength training and in sports, the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder are highly prone to injury if not properly warmed up. The cable side rotator exercise provides an excellent, isolated warm up, as well as strength training, for the rotator cuff

  • Prehabilitation 101

    Prehabilitation means preventive training to stop injuries before they happen. Learn about the benefits of prehab and get smart prehab techniques for your injury-prone knees, shoulders, and lower back.

  • Acupuncture for athletes

    All over the country athletes and fitness-focused individuals alike are taking solace in the various pressure techniques offered by the ancient Chinese therapy called acupuncture.

  • Overcoming overtraining

    Decreased strength? Persistent muscle soreness? Loss of appetite? You may be suffering from overtraining. Learn the signs of overtraining—and how to recover from it quickly.

  • Swim to recover from injury

    Throw one too many plates on the bench press last week? Read how swimming can get you back on the bench in no time.