• Freshness First: Volatile Oils in Your Food

    Want to make every bite of fruit or vegetable as healthy as possible? Use these prep, cooking, and storage tips to keep your food aromatic, tasty, and good for you.

  • Stock Smart: A Grocery List for Healthier Eating

    Want to eat better but don't have a lot of time to cook? Get a start on the road to healthier eating with this grocery list of easy-to-prepare foods for meals and snacks.

  • Spilling the Beans for Good Health

    Beans, beans, good for your heart... All bloating aside, beans are a great food choice for meat-eaters and veggies alike. Get the nutritional stats on a variety of beans.

  • Break the Fast: Seven Great Morning Meals

    Breakfast gets your metabolism revved up for the day and gives your body a much-needed boost after hours of slumber. Start your day right with these 7 quick, 600-calorie meals.

  • Nuts About Nuts: Nature's Perfect Little Package

    They're maligned for their fat content, but nuts are one of nature's rock stars. Learn why you should be nuts about nuts, and get info on the unique properties of different varieties.

  • Fuel Your Workouts: Time Your Eating

    What should you eat before you work out? What should you eat after? Tough questions—get the answers so you can give your body the high-quality fuel it needs.

  • Super Fruits (for Super Health)

    These lesser-known fruits are becoming global super stars due to their big health benefits. Put down your banana and read on.

  • True Teas: Reap the Benefits

    Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, outdrunk only by water. So what's so great about the so-called "true" teas? A lot!

  • Brain Food: How to Cut Back on Coffee Without Getting Fired

    Cutting back on caffeine: Good. Getting fired for falling asleep at desk: Not so good. Learn how to reduce your reliance on caffeine and still have an alert brain.

  • The Breakfast Dilemma

    It's the most important meal of the day. So what should you be eating for breakfast? Learn some surprising news on maximizing the value of your morning eats.

  • A Protein Primer: Part 4 of 4—Vegetarians

    Are vegetarianism and good health at odds with each other? In part four of our protein series, nutritionist H.K. Jones looks at plant-based protein sources.

  • A Protein Primer: Part 3 of 4—Fish

    Protein—without it you're nothing (literally). In Part 3 of our protein series, nutritionist H.K. Jones takes us underwater to the protein-rich world of fish.

  • A Protein Primer: Part 2 of 4—Red Meat

    In this second of a four-part series on protein sources, nutritionist H.K. Jones gives an overview of red meat. Learn the good, the bad, and the tasty.

  • A Protein Primer: Part 1 of 4—Poultry

    How much protein should you eat? What kinds? Nutritionist H.K. Jones offers insight into choosing the best protein sources.

  • Great Foods to Fuel Your Workouts

    What kinds of foods should you be eating before and after your workouts? Try these 10 edible ideas from nutritionist H.K. Jones.

  • Functional Foods: An Intro to Nutraceuticals

    What are nutraceuticals? Can they really benefit you? Get an introduction to this fast-growing food phenomenon.

  • Think before you drink

    For athletic men, gulping down one of these drinks might seem like an easy way to increase endurance, improve performance and gain energy. So should you break out one of these fancy drinks and start guzzling? Not exactly.

  • Bar None: All protein bars are not created equal

    Bars are HOT. Since the launch of the original PowerBar in 1987, many savvy marketers have entered the bar race producing a plethora of pocket-size products for bar-hungry consumers.

  • Summertime, and the fruit picking’s easy

    While the warm, sunny months of summer may mean long, lazy days for you, Mother Nature’s busy working overtime. This time of year, markets burst forth with seasonal fruit just begging to be enjoyed. The time is ripe for blueberry pancakes, strawberry shor

  • Bananas: Nature's power bar

    Looking for a perfect anytime, anywhere, good-for-you snack? Delicious, nutritious and conventionally packaged in its own protective cover, nothing beats a banana.

  • Why you should can soda

    Can you imagine movie theater popcorn without a soda? What’s more refreshing on a hot day than an ice-cold pop? It’s so delicious, so yummy, but what are soft drinks doing to your body?

  • Timing Is Everything: Get the Most Out of Food

    When you eat is almost as important as what you eat. Find out how to time your food intake to maximize your performance.

  • RealFood Recipes: Bashful, blushing beets

    It's not the sexiest of veggies, but beets deserve the spotlight for their unabashed goodness.

  • RealFood Recipes: Pomegranate power

    Antioxidant and vitamin C rich, pomegranates offer a sweet, nutritution-packed treat. Discover how to pick and prepare the perfect pomegranate.

  • Eating strategies for endurance racing

    When training for an endurance event, you need to pay close attention to what you eat every day, and in particular in the week leading up to your race. Find out how to fuel your body for a race, including smart carb-loading strategies.

  • RealFood Recipes: Ode to the avocado

    They're one of the best sources of "good" fat on the planet, and they're chock-full of other nutrients that will keep you healthy and fit. Learn all about the amazing avocado, and get a recipe for mango-avocado salsa that'll make you drool.

  • Five rules for active vegetarians

    Eating a vegetarian diet can be healthful, but without the proper guidance you run the risk of ruining your health. R.D. Manuel Villacorta gave us five essential eating tips for vegetarians.

  • Finding balance: Carbs, fat, and protein

    What's the proper ratio of carbs to fat to protein? It depends. Are you building muscle or running a marathon? Find out the proper balance for your specific needs.

  • Superfoods for superior fitness

    We call them "superfoods" because they have the power to make us stronger, faster, and healthier. Get the skinny on the best foods for building muscle, sustaining energy, and warding off disease and injury.

  • Energize Your Muscles: Smart Hydration Strategies

    A good hydration strategy can make the difference between winning the race and falling on your face. Get the facts!