Living with HIV/AIDS

It's been close to 30 years since the first HIV/AIDS cases were officially reported in gay enclaves in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Since that time, the disease has grown from an epidemic that primarily hit the gay men's community to a global pandemic affecting millions of women and men worldwide. The disease may not be centered in the gay community anymore, but gay men are still being infected at an alarming rate. We've seen exciting treatment advances in the last couple of years. The newer medications help people live longer, healthier lives - with fewer complications and side-effects. So, educate yourself about the latest HIV treatment options and help educate others in the community about protection and safe sex.

Learn about HIV treatment

Protect Yourself & Your Partner

Safer sex is smarter sex. Find up-to-date expert information about HIV and other STD prevention:

Find a Doctor

Whether you have HIV or just want to talk about it, finding a gay- or gay-friendly doctor is important to ensuring you can have honest and open conversations about your sexual health.

Call a Hotline

Want to speak to someone about your questions about HIV? Call a toll-free HIV/AIDS hotline:

Get Active, Raise Money to Fight HIV/AIDS

The gay community has led the way in raising money to help fight HIV/AIDS. Here at RealJock, we particularly love those organizations that combine sports with fundraising. Check out a few of these great events below and challenge yourself to get active while raising money to help beat HIV/AIDS:

Get Tested

Yes, it's scary to get tested. But it's also the best thing you can do for your health and the health of your sex partners. Learn more about getting tested for HIV and other STDs, and find a testing center near you: