Weight Loss Challenge Resistance Training, Weeks 7 & 8

Welcome to weeks seven and eight of our RealJock/Nu4You Weight Loss Challenge. Here you will find three days per week of resistance training workouts for our participants—and all of you working out with them at home. These workouts come to us courtesy of Billy Polson of Diakadi Body, and are meant to be done in sequence.

Week eight will repeat week seven—so plan on doing this workout for two weeks in a row. Below you will find day one of the week seven workout; click through to the following pages for days two and three. Then for week eight, start over again with day one. And remember—kick butt, and have fun!


The Weight Loss Challenge Workouts consist of the following, to be done in order; do the prior workouts before beginning Week 7:

Stretch Test
Core Strength Test
Resistance Training Week 1, Day 1
Resistance Training Week 1, Day 2
Resistance Training Week 1, Day 3
Week 2 Workouts
Weeks 3 & 4 Workouts
Weeks 5 & 6 Workouts
Weeks 7 & 8 Workouts
Weeks 9 & 10 Workouts
Weeks 11 & 12 Workouts

Begin your day of resistance work with your corrective stretches. Plan also to include your core work at the end of your workout. Then, perform the following sequence of exercises. After you've done this sequence through, start again at the beginning of the resistance workout and do the same sequence twice through again (there is no need to repeat the stretches or core work). After the third run-through, you can do your core workout; then you will have completed the first day of resistance work. Congratulations!

Split Squat Hold Low and Single Cable Rotation Pull
Stand with staggered stance and hold a single cable handle at chest height. In your staggered stance perform a split squat, keeping tall in your chest and your shoulders back throughout movement. Hold at the bottom of movement, when your knees must be at right angles. Perform rows by pulling the cable handle with a twist using the hand opposite your front leg. Keep shoulders back throughout entire movement. Hold low split squat and row for full set of 12. Then switch to the other arm/leg pair for 12.
Split Squat Hold Low and Single Cable Rotation Push
Stand with stagger stance and use a single cable handle at chest height. In your staggered stance perform a split squat, keeping tall in chest and with shoulders back throughout movement. At bottom of movement, your knees must be at right angles. At bottom of the motion hold the split squat and perform a row by pushing the cable handle with a twist using the hand opposite your front leg. Keep shoulders back throughout movement. Hold the low split squat and as you push for a full set of 12 on one side, then switch arms and legs for the next set of 12.
Dumbbell High Split Squats (Front Set and 45-Degrees Set) with Alternate Punches in Low Position
Front Split Squat: Hold dumbbells at shoulder level. Start with legs staggered front/back and drop into a kneeling position with your knee tapping the ground (not resting). In low position, both knees should be in right angles and your spine straight up and down. If quads or hip flexors are too tight to drop all the way down, then go as low as you can while keeping your form. In low position, punch once across your body with each arm. 45-Degree Split Squat: Use the same form as the front split squat with dumbbells at shoulder level, however your feet will be on a 45-degree angle. Keep both feet pointing front throughout. At the low position, perform alternate punches, one each direction. Do 12 squats with two punches per squat on one leg, and then switch for 12 on the second leg.
Barbell Sumo Dead-Lift
Start by holding a barbell with a palms-back grip, hands shoulder width apart. Legs should be wider than shoulder width. Make sure your spine stays in a neutral position, meaning that your shoulders are retracted back and together (not rounded forward), and that your lower back maintains a comfortable curve (not tucking your butt under) as you slowly lower the barbell down to mid-shin height. Then, drive through your heels and glutes to bring the barbell up with you as you stand up. As you are standing up, squeeze your butt cheeks together as if you are holding your shorts with your buttocks. Repeat for full set of 12.
After you've completed the above exercises three times through, move on to the following core workout.

Lower Ab Work Based on Test Results
Start your core work with the appropriate exercises following from the results of your core strength test.
Stability Ball Full Sit-ups (Hands Across Chest, or Hands on Head)
Start this exercise for your upper abdominal work if you failed the upper abs test. Lie back on center of stability ball with your hands crossed at your chest level or on your head for more advanced. From low position, first tuck your chin completely to your chest and then follow this movement with a full sit-up. Return to lying fully across the ball at the bottom with each rep allowing your chin to open up at bottom each time. Keep the ball stationary and feet still on floor. Once you can perform this movement for 20 reps, then graduate to hands on head for next set.
Cobra Stretch
Lie face down, with palms down and thumbs out to sides. Slowly lift your chest and shoulders off the ground with your upper body and your feet and thighs off floors with lower body. With your hands rotate your thumbs out and up so that your shoulders externally rotate and your shoulder blades wrap together. Keep your chin in and facing down so that your neck stays in line with your spine. Work this pose until you can hold it for three minutes without a rest or a form break.