Complete Strength 12-Week Workout: Week 3

Day 7 is your rest and recovery day. Think of it as your working ‘in’ day. On this day you should focus on rebuilding your body both mentally and physically, not breaking it down in any way. For some this may be your most difficult day—doing nothing can be extremely tough, but building muscle and building strength is always 40 percent work, and 60 percent rest and recovery.
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Stretch and Recover 10 - 60 minutes For your active rest day, avoid going to the gym—your body and mind need the break. If weather permits, take a slow neighborhood walk or leisure bike ride outside, and maybe even do some light stretching outside as well. You can also stay home and do some light stretching, meditating or breathing while listening to relaxing music. Challenge yourself to find the method of meditation that best fits your lifestyle—remember that meditation is simply being present, not thinking about anything in the past or anything in the future. Other great options for your working 'in' day include a very light yoga flow class for less than an hour, or even better a massage. Your goal should be to relax, breath and recover to prepare your body for the following week of work.